wedding dress 101.

DID ANYONE GET ENGAGED YESTERDAY?? I sure hope so!! Man, I can’t wait to hear those stories and to hopefully get to photograph some of those lovely stories! Woo hoo.

Many of you, even though just possibly engaged yesterday, might already be thinking about what kind of wedding dress you’d like to wear! Depending on when you’re thinking you’d like to get hitched, you might still have quite a bit of time. BUT, it’s never to early to consider your options! Here’s a fun little infographic that might help you decide what kind of dress you’d like.

But don’t stress! Engagements are MEANT to be amazing, fun and the time of your life. So don’t sweat the small stuff just yet. Start the dreaming of what you want your day to look like, and take it all in that YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED.

And congratulations. What an incredible time in your life, my dear!

Stellar Day, Wedding Details, Wedding Dresses* This amazing infographic was provided to me by Simply Bridal. Check ’em out yo!



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