slowing down.

Whoa. I’ve been gone a little while. I definitely didn’t MEAN to not blog for a week. But it just kinda happened. And I kinda let it because we were out of town and because frankly… I needed to.

Sometimes I just need to step back from stuff.

This week I surprisingly took some time to rest. I say surprisingly because I wasn’t expecting to actually get much rest. We went to Georgia to work (which was AH-MAZING btw) and we brought our kids and decided to stay a week. Bringing the boys when we travel is incredible and it honestly helps me to work better and harder at my job while I’m there. But afterwards, I go back to being mom and sometimes being away from home can just be exhausting.

But everything about this trip was life giving.

So much so, that a lot of the goals I thought I was going to be setting this January are CHANGING. My vision for my life is changing. My desires for what I want in the future and where I see our business and life going… is changing.

And I am slowly learning, one day at a time, how to slow down. It’s hard for me to slow down. My brain just wants to create, design, build and encourage twenty-four hours a day. But I’m slowly learning and reminding myself of my own personal limits. And my own personal wants. And why it’s so important to slow down just a little bit.

So I encourage you today. Take a deep breath. Really be here in the present moment. And reevalute what it is that you’re doing. Is this IT for you? Is there something more? What do you need to change to make it happen? Are you losing yourself? Are you already lost?

You aren’t lost. Dig deep, friend. You can do this- whatever it is you are facing today. And you CAN achieve your dreams. Sometimes it takes stepping back just a little bit to make it happen.

And that’s A-OK.

Stellar Day, Inspiration, Motherhood, Dreams


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