mommy’s wedding dress.

I have a niece. She is new to the world and to my life. And I’m obsessed with her.


I did a fun little photo shoot with her last weekend in my home. It was such a great time, dressing her up in HUGE bows, fun outfits, and waiting for her to smile. At the end of the photo shoot, we got out my sisters wedding dress which she brought up to use somehow for the shoot. I had the idea of putting her IN the wedding dress to make it look like SHE was wearing it.

Oh my sweet heavens. What a BEAUTY.

This is only ONE image from our shoot together. I will be sharing more soon. But in the meantime, I AM going to start offering newborn sessions out of my home (for a limited time!) as Session Nine Photographers. So if you have a newborn, are about to have one, or know someone who does, send them my way.

And if you have a girl, bring your wedding dress. 😉

Stellar Day, Photographer, Newborns*Image taken by Jessica Williams with © Session Nine Photographers. 



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