love is the killer app.

I love to read. Do I always have TIME to read? NO. I wish I had a zillion hours to spend reading. But I don’t.

I’ve been in a book club for nine years or something crazy like that and I have loved every second of it. But having kids AND adding an exploding business to the mix has made the frequency of which I have read the books we’ve chosen, few and far between.

SAD DAY. Because I really do love to read.

That said, I DO try to read whatever book my book club is reading. And on top of that, I try to make sure that I am reading my Bible every day too. AND ON TOP OF THAT- I am trying to read of this book:

Stellar Day, Reading, Inspiration, BusinessIt’s Love Is The Killer App by Tim Sanders. I’m reading it slowly, due to the sake of time. BUT, it has been such an amazing read that I had to share it. If you are a business owner or desire to be, you MUST read it. It has already changed the way I am approaching my business and all the people I meet along the way. To be successful, I’m fairly certain that you’ve got to immerse yourself into obtaining as much knowledge as possible, and then you have to stop being afraid to share everything you know.

I’m going to start offering creative mentoring sessions SOON. If you’d like more information about those once it’s available, let me know. I’ll make sure to get in touch with you so we can chat. In the meantime, go get this book! It’s a great read. Hopefully you’ll be able to finish it before me. At this rate, I’ll be reading it into 2014.


*Photo taken on my iPhone on Instagram. You can follow me there for daily happenings at @stellardayblog. 



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