traveling working mom.

Traveling out of the city or state is one of my (and our) favorite things to do within our work. It’s ALWAYS inspiring to get away for a bit and photograph new people, places and to see things with new eyes. Eyes that are ready to find inspiration anywhere. We were so fortunate to head to Georgia at the tail end of December to photograph my cousin’s wedding. She has long followed our work from when we first started, and knew that someday she would ask US to photograph her wedding day. Well, her wedding day finally came and we were SO blessed to be the ones to capture it.

So we packed the kiddos up and headed East for a week to spend time with family, new friends and to photograph their wedding. It was amazing. Traveling with kids is HARD but it’s something we highly value. It’s worth the extra work, time and money it takes to pack us all up for an adventure. But it’s SO worth it.

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Georgia is SUCH a beautiful place and it gave me SEVERE HOUSE ENVY. Those houses are GORG. I wish Arizona houses were like houses back East. I mean, I love my house but you get what I’m saying, right? I came back ready to redecorate my entire house. HA.

We posted the wedding we shot while we were there over at Session Nine Photographers blog yesterday. My cousin and her new husband are nothing short of incredible. Watching the two of them step into newly wedded bliss was so moving. They are the sweetest couple together and what’s more? They care SO deeply about OTHERS. Their wedding day was all about involving everyone in the day and making every moment count with everyone who is special to them. So definitely go check it out.

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Never in a million years did I think this would be my career. I ALWAYS dreamed it. And the fact that I have the opportunity to do what I love, with my husband AND bring my family along is seriously too much. Sometimes it’s really hard and it’s always exhausting. But I wouldn’t change it for one single minute.

Not one.

*First four photos were taken on my iPhone and posted to Instagram. Follow me there at @stellardayblog. The wedding photos were taken by us at Session Nine Photographers. Check out our work there and follow us on Facebook!


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