Stellar Day, Inspiration, Forgiveness

The hardest thing I have ever learned, is how to forgive and to allow God’s timing for justice to be perfect. I so badly want justice for certain things that have happened in my life. Forgiving others even when they aren’t sorry is ESSENTIAL. But it is the hardest to do. And as a human, who’s NOT all knowing, it doesn’t seem right. And it’s painful.

But also freeing.

I will never understand it. But I know we are called to do it. God blesses the faithful. So if you have people to forgive in your life, who are not sorry for however they wronged you or others in your life… forgive them. And let God work and fulfill his plan and bring about justice in His timing. It’s hard to wait for justice. And we might never see it on this side of heaven.

But that doesn’t matter.

Forgive them. Even if they aren’t sorry. There IS freedom in that. And God promises to right ALL the evils in the world. Let him do it. But don’t carry it with you one day longer than you have to.

Lay it down. Let it go. FORGIVE.



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