etsy shop.

I am SO excited to announce that I am opening a new etsy shop NEXT WEEK. What will fill my Etsy shop, you might wonder? HAIR ACCESSORIES. Lots and lots of hair accessories. I love wearing bows, flowers, headbands etc in my hair and I always am being asked about them. So I finally teamed up with Mandi (my designer) and we have been working hard together to design and create awesome new hair accessories for babies, girls and women. So we are launching next week with a LOT of accessories that you’ll definitely want to check out. So stay tuned for STELLAR DAY BOUTIQUE.

Oh AND. Tomorrow we are doing our very first GIVEAWAY right here on THIS BLOG for a certain number of hair accessories. You’re going to want to enter that bad boy and be one of the first ones to wear our awesome new pieces.

Being a girl is so fun. I can’t wait to unveil our whole new shop to you guys.

BE EXCITED, yo. Cuz I am.

Stellar Day, Stellar Day Boutique, Etsy, Inspiration


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