Woo hoo! First of all, Happy Valentines Day!! I am feeling extra specially ‘LOVEY’ today, SO I’m doing my first giveaway!

What am I giving away? HAIR ACCESSORIES FROM MY NEW SHOP. Three of them to be exact. THREE. One lucky person is going to walk away with THREE one of a kind hair accessories.

Why am I doing this? Simple. I am launching my new Etsy shop, Stellar Day Boutique on MONDAY and because of that I thought it would be super fun to give some away in anticipation of our grand opening.

How do you enter? Also simple. All you need to do is four simple things:

1. Comment right here on THIS blog and tell me why you’re so excited for this shop to open and who is going to wear the bows you’re going to win. Is it you? Your daughter? Your niece? TELL ME.

2. In the same comment on this blog, you MUST leave your Instagram handle. 

3. Go MUST go follow me on Instagram at @stellardayblog AND ‘Like’ or Comment on the giveaway in my feed. Why is this important?? This is where I am ANNOUNCING THE WINNER on Friday. And because I update to Instagram a LOT and you will be able to see the latest accessories when I post them and get any new news regarding the shop there. 

**4. For those who don’t have Instagram, go Friend Me on Facebook and SHARE my giveaway link! And let me know in the comments that you’re ‘Instagram-less’.

I will be selecting (at random!) ONE winner who will win ALL THREE BOWS. Are you excited? BE EXCITED, y’all. Here’s the photos of the three accessories that you’ll be winning:

Stellar Day, Giveaway, Etsy Shop, Stellar Day Boutique SDB-32

Stellar Day, Giveaway, Etsy Shop, Stellar Day BoutiqueIt’s two headbands and one clip. Some of my favorites.

THE FINE PRINT? There’s only a few things: Each person can only enter once. If you comment more than once, that’s ok but your name will only be entered once. Winner will be notified via Instagram. Once I announce, I will ask that you leave your email in the comments on Instagram. I will ship the hair accessories anywhere in the world, so geography doesn’t matter. All three accessories must be shipped to the same address. Oh and one more thing. You have until midnight tonight to enter. Winner will be announced on FRIDAY the 15th. 

So READY? GO ENTER. Stay tuned for our full Etsy shop launch on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2013.

And have a rockin’ Valentines Day, yo.


32 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY.

  1. These are absolutely beautiful! So excited for you guys!! I would definitely wear all three id them, but would probably give one to my sister and one to my niece 🙂 keep up the good work!


  2. I am SO excited for you shop to open, because I know it is going to be AWESOME! You’re so creative, Jess, and everything you touch turns into art. You’ve got the Midas-Art-Touch. If I won, I would definitely give the bows to my nieces! Not only do I have three nieces already..but I am gaining two more this summer! I’d love to photograph my newborn nieces in your beautiful headband creations. 🙂

    Miss you friend, excited for your contest! Will definitely be sharing with others about it!

  3. Well I would love to win and you bet Joanna and myself will sport your bows! Why am I so excited? Well because I’ve known you for like FOREVER and all I want is for my friends to be happy! I’ll support your happiness in anyway I can! @julesini

  4. Oh wow Jess! These are amazing! Can’t wait to the see the full shop in action, Emma would love to wear all 3 above. Congrats on the shop, so excited for you.


  5. Way to go mama! So proud of you and can’t wait to see all your lovelies! These would be for my sweet Stella 🙂


  6. Hey Jess! So pumped for you and this new venture and I can’t wait until Callie is big enough to wear these, because they’re so awesome. Until then I guess I’ll just have to wear them 😉 I’ll be getting some from the shop once it’s open either way!
    Instagram: @reenie_d

  7. Yeah! You know I’ll wear them. Not to mention Sahara! Well, of course- she must have one for every occasion! 🙂 @surfandsafari

  8. Jess, this is very exiciting! Please don’t enter me into the drawing because I don’t know any little girls that I could give these adorable bows to, LOL! But, I will share your giveaway nonetheless. I’m so excited to see your shop, because I’ve known you FOREVER and love you and want to see you succeed! 🙂

  9. I have been waiting for this for a while Jess! Can’t wait to see all of the beautiful creations that you and your designer have come up with! If I win this giveaway I would definitely keep my favorite ones and give one away to a friend 🙂 I am so proud of you, you are so talented and i’m blessed to have you in my life. Sending lots love to you on this valentines day!

  10. Wow, so cute! Congrats on the new endeavor! You are one busy momma!! Since I have 3 girls, I would love to win and can’t wait for your store to open! Yay easter accessories! I’m @abbimolly on instagram!

  11. This is super-exciting! I follow you & your hubby (on FB and Instagram) because I adore your photography and your spunk. It totally makes sense that you would use your industriousness to launch an Etsy shop. 🙂 I have my own, Copper Pot Confections, where I sell homemade caramels, toffee & peanut brittle– when it’s not 120° in AZ, anyhow. Best of luck with the Etsy shop– it’s super fun & Etsy customers are truly the BEST. Oh, and the products you’ll be offering are AHHH-DORABLE. Thanks! Heading over to Instagram now. ~Kat (@katdaily82)

  12. I’m SO in!!! Those are adorable! Since I’m having a boy, I’m stoked for your shop to open for me and my niece. She’s almost 2 and loves to accessorize! My Instagram handle is @keiragrace. Yay!

  13. I AM SOEXCITED FOR THIS SHOP TO BE RELEASED BECAUSE THERE’S SO MANY AMAZING THINGS! I think I should win because I’d wear these everyday and I’d make my cats wear them. They would look super cute. Accessories for cats? I can see it.
    My Instagram is @jennyfurrrrr thank you SO much!!

  14. Yesssssss! So excited for this shop! Kylie is going to rock the Stellar Day Boutique hair pieces! Maybe I will even try to be super trendy and try them myself 😉

  15. SO excited!!! CUTE headbands! LOVE them and you! 🙂 can’t wait to see them all! You know Brynn and I will both be sporting them! And if you need a little model to shoot I volunteer Bug. 😉
    And I’m Instagram-less but sharing with Facebook. Good luck girl!!!

  16. You know I am excited for your shop and all the fun creative stuff that you do! I would love to win some fun bows and I guess I could share them with my girls 😉 @christinemccormick

  17. I love all of your accessories! They are so pretty! Can’t wait for your Etsy shop to open!!
    If I won, I’d give at least one of them to a friend of mine who is battling cancer and is in the hospital and maybe one to her young daughter who is very girly and into hair accessories 🙂


  18. I am so thrilled for you my friend!!! You are such a blessing to me and I pray this shop really takes off for you two!!! I’m not great at rockin bows but I sure would do my best to represent you here in NC AND obviously Kaydence would look adorable in them 😉

  19. Myself and all 3 of my kiddos are excited for your shop! My lil one year old Kenedy is the most excited to wear your headbands since she has no hair! She needs swag on her head!!! Lol! Can’t wait to check out all of your stuff! Xoxo

  20. Myself and my 3 kiddos are excited for your shop. Kenedy my 1.5 year old is suuuupperrr excited for some headbands since she has no hair at the moment. She needs swag for her head!!!! Lol! Can’t wait to check out all of your stuff!

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