I have selected a WINNER.

Stellar Day, Stellar Day Boutique, Giveaway Winner

Using to do the drawing from all who entered yesterday, the fabulous Danielle Axtell was selected to be the winner of my three hair accessories! I am SO excited that she will sport this bows AND her little girl Stella will too.

CONGRATS DANIELLE. I am so excited that you won and can’t wait to see these on you ladies!!

Stay tuned for Monday, February 18, 2013. My shop is ready to open and I can’t WAIT for you to see all the pieces that my designer and I have created. It’s awesomely fun, that’s for sure!

STAY TUNED. And thank you again to ALL of you who entered yesterdays giveaway. It was such a fun day for me and the support you all showed was truly incredible. We WILL be doing MORE giveaways! So keep updated with all that I’m doing and I’ll be updating here about the shop regularly as well.

Happy Friday, peeps. Keep it real out there. Whatever that means. HA. xoxo


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