TODAY IS THE DAY! My new etsy shop, Stellar Day Boutique, is OPEN.

Head on over friends and check out all the fun designs that we have in the store! This has been SUCH a fun adventure already. I’m so excited to see where it goes. I decided to launch this shop because I ALWAYS get asked where my accessories come from. I’ve had people offer to purchase them from me straight off my head without them being for sale! HA! The truth is, MOST of the hair accessories I wear, were all made for me by Mandi, who is my designer and business partner for this shop. She had a small side business going with it and she’s very talented. After dreaming up new styles, talking, creating and praying about it, we finally teamed together and decided to share our ideas and creations with the world. We’ve had a massive blast doing this together.

And want to know something else? We are planning to launch a BRIDAL LINE for hair accessories in the weeks/months ahead. So definitely stay tuned for THAT. You won’t want to miss it.

GO CHECK IT OUT. Here’s the link:


Stellar Day. Stellar Day Boutique, Etsy


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