watching them grow.

There may not be many things I know in this life. But one thing I’m sure of. As frustrating as being a mama can be, as tiring and hardworking and EXHAUSTING as it is, there is nothing better than watching them grow. Is it intimidating to HOPE and PRAY that you’re doing the right things as parents? So that they’ll function in society, love Jesus, and love others?

OMG YES. Can I get an AMEN?

But there is no greater joy than watching them grow, try new things, learn new things, and start to become the people that Christ created them to be. If I had more time, money, and patience I’d have like TWELVE KIDS to watch them all grow up. No, twelve kids are NOT in our future. MAYBE one more. Lord willing.

But for now, I’m totally content with watching my two boys grow. It makes all the exhaustion and hard work worth it.

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