my computer broke.

I mean, the entire thing crashed. The hard drive totally tanked and nothing could be saved. GOOD THING WE BACK EVERYTHING UP A MILLION TIMES.


So, it’s forced me to take a break. And when Apple told us that my computer would be gone for approximately FIVE DAYS, I almost had a panic attack. If I don’t work for ONE day, the emails pile up, the blogs are neglected, and theres about a trillion other things that I do in a day that are pretty important that HAVE TO GET DONE.

But instead of panicking.

I decided to look at it as a chance to take a break. What was I going to do about it anyways? I could panic, but that wouldn’t bring my computer back. I could cry, but that still wouldn’t bring my computer back. Or I could just BREATHE a little and realize that if my job doesn’t get done in the time frame that I want it to get done in,

IT”S GOING TO BE OK. It is, after all, GOD’S business, right?

I like to think I’m running the show sometimes, but in times like this one, God gently reminds me that I am NOT in control. Everything happens for a reason and taking a break is EXACTLY what I needed. And you know what? My entire work life didn’t explode in these past five days that I haven’t been at my computer.

But I WAS able to focus on my boys, rest, SLEEP, do some laundry (kind of haha), watch movies, hang out with family that was in town, celebrate Easter, eat, SLEEP, and play outside A LOT in the past few days. It was an unexpected vacation right inside my own home. One where, I didn’t even HAVE my computer to beckon to me because it simply wasn’t there.

Sometimes we don’t plan things in our lives. And sometimes, AT FIRST, it looks like a catastrophe is looming. When in reality, it was for my good in the end. Wedding season starts this month and it’s going to be busy. God so graciously knew that I needed to focus on my family, get some much needed rest, lay in the sun a bit, and just take in all that He’s done for us up until now.

He always works everything together for our good. He always knows what’s best for us. Trust in Him, even in the small things. There’s freedom in it if you can do it.

Now, may I remember this even in the busy season that lies ahead for us. Happy April friends!

Stellar Day, Encouragement, Trusting God


5 thoughts on “my computer broke.

  1. Oh wow, that is nuts! But it sounds like such a blessing! I’m glad you got some rest and got to spend so much time with people you love and playing with your boys!! So cool! And way to go trusting that God has it all under control! It’s so hard sometimes, but He really does have it all in His hands and he loves you guys to pieces so He planned a mini staycation for you! 😉

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