for small business owners.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a small business owner, it sure is how to keep things in perspective. So often, it’s easy to see what lies right in front of you instead of the bigger picture.

But seeing the bigger picture is HARD sometimes. It’s easy to get discouraged; to get down about your current situation. It’s easy to feel lousy, miserable and like YOU AREN’T TRYING HARD ENOUGH. It’s easy to do all these things because suddenly, work is very personal for you. It’s time away from your kids, family, hobbies, and friends. It’s a lot of man hours thrown at something that YOU BELIEVE IN with all your heart or else you wouldn’t be doing it. You don’t get to clock in and clock out and go home at the end of the day. When you own your own business, you work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Yes, you can create your own schedule. Yes, you can put up boundaries and take time off. It’s all up to you.

But that’s just the issue. It’s ALL up to you. It’s all on your back and if you aren’t working, neither is your business. Unless you have people working for you, but usually then you’re working just as hard if not harder managing everyone.

PHEW. Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted just typing that!

But at the end of the day, I am a FIRM believer in a God that is bigger than me, my business, and this world. I believe that He is the reason why Jason and I have and run our business to begin with. When things get frustrating, hard, HEART BREAKING or just down right unfair, I remember one thing:


It seems like a simple concept, and I’m not perfect at remembering this every day. But it DOES help me put things into perspective. I’m going to work hard, as fast and as diligently as I can, and I’m going to be KIND and LOVE people as much as I physically can. But when it gets hard or things start to go south or are beyond my control, I remember that one little thing.

It’s God’s business anyways.

I have been untrusted with the talents, the opportunities, the abilities and the will power to work this business as hard and as efficiently as I think to. But God is ultimately in control of this WHOLE thing, as He is with my whole life. Why would I think for one second that this has anything to do with me? 

Being a small business owner is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, next to being a mother. But it’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve done, next to being a mother. The wins are big and so are the fails. It’s all up to me and Jason and we don’t have a boss telling us what to do. It’s US. It’s awesome, exhausting and hard work and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. But when things happen inside my business that are beyond my control (cranky client, a missed booking, a cancelled trip, clients going with a different photographer ETC), I have to remember that this business is GOD’S. And there’s no one else I’d rather trust it to! It helps me to look at the big picture instead of the mess in front of me and to know and remember that HE is God, He is bigger than me and any problems that may come my way. And that if I am faithful with ALL that He’s given me, love Him and others, He will be faithful in my life. 

Even if it doesn’t make sense.

So trust Him with your business. You have no other reason not to. Some things happen beyond our control and worrying isn’t going to fix anything. It’s God’s business anyways. So simple, but something that I believe to be so true in my life. Be encouraged. Work hard. And trust that He’s in control of your business, your finances and your provision.

Because He is and His love never fails.

**BTW. I’m not writing this because anything specific happened to us. Just helped a friend today and felt a burden to share this with all of you.

Happy THURSDAY WEDNESDAY, friends. (WOW.) I’m getting back on the blogging train. I’ve been hit or miss for too long now and am ready to rock n roll again. SO HANG ON TO YOUR SEATS. Or not. It might be way less exciting than I’m letting on.

Jess xoxo

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6 thoughts on “for small business owners.

  1. Seriously, LOVE this. I can totally relate. I laughed out loud at the part where you said, “It’s easy to feel lousy, miserable and like YOU AREN’T TRYING HARD ENOUGH.” I had a meltdown last week because of these exact sentiments. I’d been working my butt off for a month with no clients and no results … until BAM! Today, I landed my first. I know what you mean, how you feel like it’s all riding on you. I have to remind myself of the same things … it’s not in my control … let it be what’s going to be, etc. This was definitely a tidbit of encouragement I needed and a great reminder. Thank you!

    • Aww I’m so glad it encouraged you Shari!! Yes, baby steps for sure! It’s a LOT of hard work. But the wins are HUGE. Congrats on landing your first client!! That is sooo awesome girl! xo

  2. It is definitely hard running your own business, especially working from the ground up and going through so many trials and errors. The beginning might be a lousy, but if you put in all your work and effort you got, you might end up with something great. Good luck with your business.

  3. This was an incredibly encouraging post. I found you through Lauren Apel! (I live in Denton as well).

    Anyway, this post was refreshing and I came across it at a serendipitous moment! I and my husband are currently running a photography business and trying to start a business involving woodworking and hand-built furniture. I am an sculptor/artist, and love what I do, but the past few weeks I have encountered more pressure (mostly self-imposed) than normal. I definitely related to the “you aren’t trying hard enough” sentiment!! Thanks for writing 🙂

    • Aww I am SO GLAD it helped you!! Definitely hang in there with all of it! It’s an incredible amount of work, but so worth the effort in so many ways! Thanks for commenting! ~Jess xo

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