fresh & easy.

Need a tip for a great place to grocery shop?? Three words.


Dude. You guys seriously. I would drive WAY out of my way to find a Fresh & Easy if there wasn’t one close to me! But there’s one not too far, so I’m a happy camper. BUT before I found F&E, I seriously was horrible at cooking, grocery shopping AND at saving money while grocery shopping. I always left the grocery store frustrated and disappointed that I didn’t achieve what I wanted to. 


I love this place. I heard rumors of them closing and I PRAY that they stay open. Their food is delicious, healthy AND super easy to find things to make quick and good for you meals. Their Friends rewards program AND their coupons help me save SO much money. I always save AT LEAST $50 when I go. And I don’t clip a single coupon. I use their ‘Made For Me’ coupons and the app on my phone. My kids love their food, which is unheard of. My kids don’t eat anything, until now. It’s a small store, which I love. It feels more like a market than a huge over produced grocery chain. Their staff is always friendly and helps me bag my groceries every time. 

I want to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS that I love this store. And you should too. 

So if you’re in a grocery shopping rut, I encourage you to check it out. Try it out and see how much you save. You’ll make the switch too and you should. It’s awesome, affordable, and they’re listening to their customers. 

I seriously love it. 

Fresh & Easy is where it’s at yo.

Stellar Day, Fresh and Easy, Good Eats*This is not a sponsored post. I didn’t receive anything in return for this advertisement. I purely LOVE F&E and had to share with all of you lovely readers. 

You’re welcome.



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