cadence laughs.

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Having a new niece has been the GREATEST THING EVER. My boys adore her. I mean truly, fawn all over her. And she watches them like she can’t WAIT to run and play with them. It’s the sweetest little relationships starting already!

The other night, my whole family was at my house for dinner. Cruz was playing near Cadence and being silly. Then he started making one of Cadence’s stuffed animals ‘dance’, and she LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY. We have ten straight minutes of footage of her laughing at him throwing the stuffed animal, making it ‘dance’ and being silly with it.

While this isn’t the ten minutes of footage we have, this is enough to give you a quick glimpse. You can’t really see what Cruz was doing, but you get to see my niece belly laugh. And I don’t know about you, but babies laughing has to be one of the best things EVER.

Man oh man we love these kids. Check it out, yo.


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