pregnancy announcement.

Whoooaaaa I’ve been gone a long time. And THIS is why:

Stellar Day Blog, Announcement, Just MeSO. That’s kind of crazy, exciting, and overwhelming news! But we are beyond thrilled and SO excited.

For the most part, I actually feel amazing! I am SOOOOO blessed that I don’t really have any morning sickness and haven’t with any of my pregnancies. With the boys, I just felt like I couldn’t function with the exhaustion I had and THIS time, I actually feel pretty great! Nausea after I eat, a normal amount of tiredness, and I can’t stand for TOO long without my back aching. But I have ZERO THINGS to complain about at this point.

Baby Williams is due in February 2014! The boys are SO dang excited. And we have our first ultrasound this Monday! YAY.

So, now that I’m nearing the end of my first trimester, I’m actually feeling like getting some things done. It’s been a slow moving train around here for the past few weeks, just adjusting and waiting to see how my body was going to respond to this pregnancy.

Turns out, it’s awesome! So we move forward! Check back here often for pregnancy updates y’all. You know I’ll talk about the good, bad and in-between!



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