I was hoping to share these images before the fourth of July. But between our pregnancy news and our trip to Florida, it just didn’t happen. Then I thought, I STILL want to share these images no matter if the Fourth has passed. It’s still July, after all! And even so, there’s always room to be patriotic.

I LOVED this first image of this little girl. It took my breath away and inspired me. She is beautiful and wrapped up in the American Flag just stirred emotions in me. Really cool. So I wanted to share these two here today.

No matter what, I love our country. I love the freedom we have and I love all those who fought with bravery and strength FOR that freedom.

Happy July, everyone!

Stellar Day Blog, Patriotic, USA 2_Chapman__AOC_Photography__Design_RWBAOCPIX57_lowA huge thanks to AOC Photography & Design for submitting these images to me via Two Bright Lights. They’re gorgeous.



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