nursery ideas.

We don’t yet know what we are having- boy or girl??


The vote is almost 100% girl. WE HAVE NOT FOUND OUT YET. But we WILL in a few weeks. Oh don’t you worry. That AND we will announce this little baby’s name, all in one SWOOP.

But until then, I’m already dreaming up ideas for this baby’s nursery. We’ve moved the boys into one room with bunk beds (that story tomorrow) and now we have an empty canvas of a room that needs decorating.

SO TODAY. I’m posting a couple of ideas that I love for a girls nursery. And then later this week, I’ll post my boy nursery ideas.

And I’m not telling you what I think this baby is, boy or girl. Because I definitely thought Rider was a girl and I was WRONG. So. We’ll just all find out together, shall we?

Here’s a couple inspiration photos of nursery’s I love. I definitely love a more eclectic look. I don’t want it to look TOO ‘babyish’, and I want it to still fit in theme with the decor of my home. This first photo is my favorite. I love the grey sheets, the white walls, the little splashes of color and the pom poms. So fun.

I can’t let myself love it all too much yet, because this could definitely still be a boy! But here’s my favorites for a girl nursery. Either way, I just feel so blessed that I get to decorate another space for another little one.

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