bunk beds.

We weren’t planning to do this JUST yet, and I was still in the process of researching for the perfect bunk bed situation for our boys. Since we have a baby coming, we knew we were going to have to move them in together, which was totally fine because they’ve been ASKING us to do this for about four months now.

But we just hadn’t gotten around to finding time.

Long story short, Jason found this amazing bunk bed on Facebook that a good friend of ours was giving away- for FREE!! We totally nabbed it, picked it up the next day, mattress included, and WUAH-LA. A new room for our kids!

I’m always amazing at how God provides for us- even in the tiniest of things. He knew we would be needing something for our boys to share in this room, and He just gave us one. It wasn’t in our timing, but in His. And it worked out perfectly. Now we don’t have to stress about purchasing one, nor do we have to fight the crowds at Ikea for the right amount of boxes and parts. AND we don’t have to hassle with putting it together.

He’s always reminding me that if I just trust Him, He’ll take care of us. It might look different than what I thought or planned, it might happen faster or slower than I wanted, but He even sees our littlest needs.

And He cares about them.

Now. Getting our boys to stay IN bed and not play together is a whole other story!

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