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You guys you guys you guys you guys. Sorry, I’m slightly excited.

Jason and I have been weighing our options about finding a good spot to workout. And it’s kind of a hard decision to make, not to mention a financial sacrifice to pay monthly. But being in shape is important, and something that we want to do a better job of. Being pregnant, I have been more conscious of what I am eating AND of working out this time around.

And I’ve seriously only gained ONE POUND to date. *insert happy dance*

While I’m aware that during pregnancy you have to gain a significant amount of weight, I’d really like NOT to gain more than is healthy for the baby if I can help it.

So back to our search.

We have been looking for a spot that we could get a good workout in together, during the day, while Cruz is in school, and one that has childcare for Rider. Going together is important because working out individually takes away family time or one on one time for me and Jay. And we are already super busy in the evenings, so finding time to do anything else can be challenging, especially when it’s apart from one another.

And we only have one car.

So we decided to check out and try Mountainside Fitness on Bell Road in Scottsdale. And oh. my. gosh. What an amazing spot!! We were welcomed right at the door and every staff member was super friendly. The general manager, Ralph was awesome and personally gave us a tour. He made us feel welcomed, was so kind to Rider (who was with us today while Cruz was in school), and treated us like we had been long time members. Jason and I were able to spend about an hour working out, LOVED what we’ve seen so far of the facilities and we had a great time!

Rider came out of the childcare beaming! I don’t know about you, but as a mama, childcare can make or break a spot for me. I don’t want to have to worry about my kids while I’m working out and taking care of myself. And at Mountainside, I won’t have to worry!! Every single childcare worker was SO kind, smiling, caring and made me feel super comfortable leaving him. AND he had an awesome time.

Not to mention the screens throughout the facilities where I can keep an eye on him or check in if I’m interested in how he’s doing.

I could go on and on. And I’m sure I will in the coming weeks! We are so happy to have found a spot to work out and to be healthy. We even ran into some friends of ours on the way out! HA. And my hope is that once baby girl is born, I’ll be able to utilize the classes and trainers hardcore to get back into shape.

All this to say, if you’re looking for a local gym to workout, you MUST join Mountainside Fitness!! Come on down, get a membership, and then text me and we’ll be workout buddies.

*Thank you so much to Mountainside Fitness for working with us and helping us find a good fit for our family!

**While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. I really do love it.  

*** This photo was taken by me and used on my Instagram. You can follow me there at @stellardayblog. 


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