eight months.

Eight months pregnant

I seriously can’t believe it, but I am eight months pregnant. This pregnancy is whizzing by faster than I ever imagined it would!

So far, I am feeling pretty good! Still pretty emotional on certain days. But physically I mostly feel great! I battled a couple migraines this week but overall, little miss has done a pretty good job taking it easy on mommy! She’s in the 59th percentile which means she’s not itty bitty, but she’s not huge at all.

She’s perfect. She’s healthy, growing and her little home in my tummy couldn’t be healthier.

I am SO grateful and beyond blessed.

We scheduled a date for our c-section and even though I am wildly aware that she could come early and on her own, I have a sense of peace in knowing that most likely won’t come past the date that my doctor picked for her.

Even though I have a sneaking suspicion that she might come early. My hopes aren’t up, but I’m already experiencing some contractions that I never had with the boys so we’ll see.

She is breech which is totally ok because I’m not pushing her out AND I’m thankful that her feet aren’t kicking my ribs! I have TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE ribs that pop out of place (yep, I said that) and when that happens it’s the worst most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt. Worse than childbirth I kid you not. So she’s kicking low and her head is high and I am quite alright with that!

I’m still only craving Starbucks water (it’s SO good), cheese, crackers, and grapes. I’ve only gained 14lbs to date and am completely happy with that! I am eating lots of protein, drinking a TON of water, and indulging in an occasional cake pop.

The full design of her nursery is underway! I can’t wait until it’s done and I can post a full post about her nursery. I already love the space SO much and I am so excited to get it all done! Lots of people told me that I wouldn’t have time to do a nursery for the “third one” and that kind of made my heart sad. I’m a big believer that every baby needs a special celebration and special spot to call home, so we really made it a point to create a little haven for her, just like we did for both boys.

And I am so glad we did. It feels special and uplifting to me that she will have a little room all ready for her. Even if we didn’t have to spend very much money on it, because it’s not about that.

All in all, we are doing great! I am experiencing some anxiety for the future and what this change is going to mean for our lives, business, and ministry. But I am mostly SO excited to hold her, love her, and just be her mom. To get to know her little personality. To have a little girl in the mix of my boy world.

We have been so blessed with such amazing kids, I know she’s going to be no different.

Eight months pregnant. One more month to go until I can hold her. What a special little girl my Bravery already is. She’s already changed me, made me a better mom, and brightened our world with pink and princesses. And she’s not even all the way here yet.

What a blessing to be her mom. And even on days when carrying her is tough, I am so thankful and would do this again in a heartbeat.

~Jess xo


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