I love when the flowers arrive as I’m shooting a wedding. No matter how a bride may have described them to me, they always take my breath away once they come. And I love to see how each bride is so unique in her style with all the details that she’s coordinated for her wedding day, including flowers.

It makes me want to go back and redo our wedding again. Not JUST for the flowers, obviously. But if I did have a do-over I would totally pick something different than the red roses I chose.

Although red roses are really beautiful. It would just be different now.

I’ve included a few photos here of our brides in this past wedding season and these were some of my favorites of the bouquets.

Wedding bouquets from weddings photographed by Session Nine Photographers storyboard002

To see more of the weddings we’ve photographed, head on over to Session Nine Photographers blog. These photos were taken by Session Nine. 

Stay tuned to see more of my favorite highlights from weddings that we have photographed or things within the industry that I love!

~ Jess xo



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