amazing chicken fried rice.

Amazing chicken fried rice found on pinterestSuccess feels good in the kitchen these days. Coming from the gal who seriously has a hard time even having a DESIRE to cook.


December was a bad month for us for a number of reasons. We took a long hard look at one another and decided to make some massive changes in our lives. We have done so much to make things better for us around here, all the way down to tracking every single penny that we spend on food.

And about 98% of that food, is to be cooked inside our home instead of going out.

It’s been a massive discipline for us because we LOVE going out. But in our efforts to eat healthier and to save money, staying home and cooking has actually not been that bad! AND it’s been a blessing to our spirits, oddly. I thought for sure I would be so frustrated cooking meals that were only half good, half the time, and thought we’d waste money on food more than we would save.

The opposite happened. We are happier. We feel healthier. And I’m actually kind of enjoying cooking.

Kind of. haha

But I’m enjoying it because I’m having success in it and we are all enjoying being home together. So that feels really, really good. The first place I went to once we decided to do this, was Pinterest (obviously). I started pinning (and going through older pins!) for recipes that were simple, not many ingredients, and that was already things we loved. And I found this recipe!

Chicken Fried Rice is always a favorite around here! I had never cooked it before, but this recipe looked easy enough. And OH. MY. GOSH. It was easy and turned out fabulous! I added some orange chicken that I picked up in the frozen section to this for dinner and it was a really yummy and filling meal. Plus, I now have rice leftover that I am going to eat for lunches. I love me some sandwiches, but it’s awesome to have something different in your fridge for lunch from time to time.

So check it out. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and it was originally found HERE. This blog has awesome photos and super easy step by step instructions. So make sure to check it out, as it’s what I resource while I’m cooking this meal. But I ALSO make a fun little recipe card that you can print, pin or just save to your desktop for easy access.

Here it is:

Amazing chicken fried rice from PinterestYum. Eat it up. And if you feel discouraged in the kitchen like I did, it’s totally ok. Just start small with easy recipes and don’t try to get all crazy. I already feel like God is blessing this area of my life, only because I finally relinquished control enough to trust Him as I provide good, wholesome food for my family. Eating out is fun, and we will still do it from time to time, but it’s really not always the wisest choice. At least for us right now, it’s time to buckle down and get some things right. Getting this area of my life under control has felt SO freeing.

Whether you like to dine out or eat at home, this is a recipe everyone should make. It’s seriously SO good.

You’re welcome.

*The first photo was NOT taken by or created by me. Original image was found HERE.



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