dream dinners.

Cooking with Dream Dinners is awesome

Have you guys heard of Dream Dinners?

Oh. My. Gosh.

It’s an awesome little shop that helps make dinner EASIER. And couldn’t we all use that? I love that I tried it out! Basically, you order from their website what meals you would like to order and how many you would like. You can customize it for the size of your family as well.

So go in and ALL the supplies are there for you! You build your meals using their easy menu cards, put all the food in baggies and trays along with directions on how to cook/prepare each meal. You put all the meals you’ve ordered and assembled in your own large cooler that you brought, take everything home, put it into your own freezer AND BAM!

Pre-made meals that will last you a month.

The process was very easy, and I anticipated using all the meals to taste them. I made sure to pace myself and use them on nights when I really needed an easy and quick (but also healthy) home cooked meal for my family so that I could get the full effect of how awesome this service is. And you know what?

There wasn’t one single meal that we didn’t love that I brought home from Dream Dinners! Everything was so good, tasted so fresh, and was SUPER easy to cook and throw together on busy nights.

That, my friends, is what I am looking for as far as a service that will help me with dinner! I know you’ll love it too. Check it out. They have awesome deals going on, their menu changes monthly, and their staff there is super friendly and helpful. I had such a blast making my meals and I can’t wait to go back and do it again!

Definitely check them out HERE and stock your freezer with yummy ready made meals that will help you if you’re a busy mama like me. And if you aren’t super busy, it will STILL help you have more free time during dinner time!

YAY for business that help make lives easier! I love it and you will too!


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