Well, well, well. Here we are. A little less than three weeks away from meeting our newest little bundle of joy. It’s pretty insane how fast this has all gone. BUT THESE LAST FEW WEEKS ARE DRAGGING ON.

What is the deal? I don’t remember feeling this way with my other pregnancies. Maybe because Cruz was practically a baby that I didn’t have time to really think about STILL being pregnant. I’m not sure.

SO these last few weeks are going slow. Our calendars have been cleared, we aren’t traveling anymore, and we are resting and staying home a lot. AND, baby girl decides to stir things up this week with false labor that sent me to the hospital earlier this week, which REALLY got us in the mode to meet her little face.

I know the time is coming, and that I need to enjoy these last few days, however many there are, as just us four. And I AM. But it’s still hard when everyone in the house AND outside of the house is SO excited to meet her!

I’m so grateful that so many people are so excited to meet and see her. But it also makes leaving my house harder because no one is talking about anything else to me- EXCEPT HER.

I take comfort in knowing that my God knows exactly when her birth day will be, down to the minutes and seconds. And I know that our life will drastically change once she’s here. We will no longer be a family of four, but five! Rider will finally be a big brother, whereas right now, he’s the youngest. They will have a sister, we will have a daughter.

Life won’t be the same. It really hasn’t been since we learned she was a girl anyways, but we will finally get to SEE her.

So we are waiting, as I know all of you know we are. Blogging will be slower because I am still dealing with inconsistent contractions and exhaustion. So bare with me. But once she’s here, we will let all of you know for sure.

Pray for us and that patience would be ever present- even for our boys. They can’t wait to see their sister. Cruz keeps asking, “Mommy, what’s taking so long?” and I have to agree- what IS taking so long?! But the end is near and she will be here so soon.

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