Inspiration on Stellar Day BlogI saw this today and it resonated with me. This is SO true. We lose absolutely NOTHING by lifting each other up and encouraging one another. Lately, with baby’s due date so close, contractions, my kids, a new church, and so many other things going on in my life, I fear I’ve simply forgotten to be more intentional in this.

I love encouraging people too.

I’m excited for this baby to come for obvious reason. And for not so obvious reasons, like- I’m ready to feel like myself again. To get back to lifting other people up and not just thinking so much of myself and my body. I know it’s a season, and I’m NOT just thinking of myself because I’m trying to get a little person here to this earth safely and take care of myself and my family.

But you get what I’m saying, right?

Regardless, I love the imagery that this creates. It’s so true. Your candle and spark doesn’t have to go out, just because you started someone else’s. Too often I think we fear encouraging others because we think it will boost them up and bring us down somehow.


Here’s to making each other shine and encouraging others. It’s the way it should be.


One thought on “candles.

  1. I’ve read your blog for awhile, but never commented. I love this candle analogy. My mom used it once to explain to me how a parent can love more than one child with all their heart. She said love is like a candle. Your love for one child doesn’t diminish because you love a second (or third). The love burns just as bright as it spreads.

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