1 Peter 3:4.

1 Peter 3:4This verse very much sums up how I’m feeling these days. Not like I shouldn’t shower, get dressed or look nice. But now that I’m in the end of this pregnancy, I feel a very deep sense to do things a little differently than I’m so used to doing.

And that is to BE QUIET.

Something about the end of a pregnancy really turns me into an introvert. And I am NOT an anti-social person. Usually, the more people around me the better. I love being busy (not too busy!) and I love creating things to do with my time. It’s pretty rare for me to take an entire afternoon to watch TV on the couch or to nap even. I just have a lot of energy, a lot to get done, and I work well that way.

But in this short season of my life, one that will be over in a few weeks, I feel God telling me to SLOW DOWN. I hear him asking me to surround myself with people who are QUIET, calming, and encouraging.

I hear him telling me to prepare my heart for this next little baby that is coming any day now.

I feel the need to prepare my home, spend time with my husband, snuggle my kids, and not do much else. It’s rare that I take so much time to pour into myself instead of others outside of my home, because so much of my job (photography AND ministry) is spent focusing on other people’s needs.

But right now, I hear God saying, “Your family are the only ones who need you right now. Everyone else can wait.”

And wait they will.

For I have been entrusted with the greatest responsibility of taking care of my husband, my children that are here, and this little baby in my belly. And there really ISN’T anywhere else I need to be right now. Putting them first is always important, but it feels even MORE crucial right now for some reason.

I feel so fortunate that God is asking this of me right now. Because Bravery will be born into a home where hearts are prepared for her. Where anxiety and busy-ness are non existent. Where she can spend her first days and weeks as a wee little one in QUIET.

Being quiet in our hearts, minds, actions, and schedules is really important to me right now.

A new season of my life is about to start. And I am excited. My prayer is also that God would encourage me to keep the calm in my home, our close circle of friends, and our schedules as we move forward as a family of FIVE. Not that I’m not going to work hard anymore or be busy in certain seasons. We will be busy again, as we all are. I just mean protecting the attitude of my home, who we let in, and keeping them first.

May this verse speak to you today too, wherever you are at in life and in your circumstances. Take time to rest and be quiet. To quiet your spirit and to approach others with the same calm and peace.

It’s precious to God and something He holds dear. So it must be important.

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