all my pregnancies.

It’s sure been interesting being pregnant three different times, with three different little humans. Now that I’m at the very end of this pregnancy, it’s been kinda fun for me to review my pregnancies with the boys, laugh at these pictures, and remember what I was feeling in each season of my life. It’s amazing to me how completely DIFFERENT each of these children are. And that I could even sense how different they were during my pregnancies. And how when they came out, it all made sense.

It makes me even more excited to meet Bravery. Because I know she will have her own little traits, personality, and demeanor from the boys that will make her all her own, just as her brothers have. It’s really fun to watch them be so different and I am forever grateful that these kids God has blessed us with are anything but boring.

So here are a few photos from each of my pregnancies and a few tidbits about each one, the differences, and a few similarities. FUN.

CRUZ ELTON WILLIAMS- Born November 16, 2008 at 2:23am

Stellar Day Blog, Pregnancies, Just Me Pregnant-2 Pregnant-3 Pregnant-4Favorite Cravings: McDonald’s (haha), Root beer Frosty Floats, Raisin Bran, Milk, Chocolate waxy donuts
Aversions: CHICKEN. Omg so gross when I was pregnant with him!
Morning Sickness: Nausea (no vomiting)
Weight Gain: 54 lbs
His story: Cruz was due on November 7th, 2008. He was NINE DAYS LATE. My labor was finally induced with him and after 18 LONG hours of really hard labor, THREE hours of pushing, it all ended in a c-section and he was born at 2:23am. Honestly though, everyone gives c-sections such a bad rep. And it wasn’t that bad. Yes, it wasn’t the experience I originally planned my whole life. But God knew Cruz’s story would be that way. And I’ve found real contentment in that. And his story says a lot about him. Cruz doesn’t like change at ALL. He’s generally slow to warm up to new ideas, and if plans change suddenly, we have to give him a lot of explanation or time to warm up to the change. This kid was comfy in my belly, it was familiar, and he wasn’t budging. ha.

Stellar Day Blog, Pregnancies, Just Me Cruz-2 Cruz-3What a blessing he was and is. He changed my life completely and I was never the same person again. What a miracle. And you know what? I’d do the whole thing exactly how it happened, labor, c-section and ALL for him all over again. It’s so worth it. Even though it was hard and didn’t go the way I planned. It was all worth it and I will never wish that his story was any different.

RIDER EASTON WILLIAMS- Born September 10th, 9:15am

Stellar Day Blog, Pregnancies, Just Me Pregnant-6 Pregnant-7 Pregnant-8

Favorite Cravings: McDonald’s (haha), Cheese, Milk, Any kind of cereal
Aversions: Ground beef
Morning Sickness: Nausea (no vomiting) and severe exhaustion. I could not get up off the couch for what felt like weeks. With a toddler running around the house. Good times.
Weight Gain: 40 lbs
His story: Rider’s pregnancy was easier in a lot of ways EXCEPT, I had TERRIBLE joint pain. O.M.G. It hurt to move any part of my body once I hit about 19 weeks. I wish I had had the chiropractor I have now because that was terrible. Rider made zero commotion while I was pregnant. I had no contractions, he moved around a lot, I never had high blood pressure, I didn’t crave TOO weird of foods, and he was over all pretty mellow. We scheduled him for a c-section on September 10th, 2010 and that’s when he came! I walked into the hospital, hopped up on the OR table at 9:00am and he was born at 9:15am. He’s always been an easy going kid, rolls with the flow and generally just goes wherever we go without asking.

Stellar Day Blog, Pregnancies, Just Me 2_Riders Arrival-1238 3_Riders Arrival-1248 4_Riders Arrival-1293 5_Riders Arrival-1297Rider’s arrival was awesome. He was an easy baby with such a sweet disposition. It was HARD having two kids in diapers at the same time, as they’re 22 months apart. And if I can help it, I’ll never do that again on purpose. BUT, God’s plan and design to have Rider in our family has far outweighed my expectations, hopes and dreams. I simply cannot even ever imagine a day of my life without Rider in it. Cruz and Rider are such buddies now, and I love their age difference. I would do the hard season of bringing him home all over again if I had to. For it was in those months that I was refined and learned about the kind of mother I want to be. It was then that I set some boundaries, made new friends, made a new life in Scottsdale with Jason, and really had to put myself aside to take care of my family. I don’t think I ever learned as much about myself as I did after Rider man was born. He is amazing and still teaches me daily.

BRAVERY ELAINE WILLIAMS- Due date is February 22, 2014. She’s a scheduled c-section.

Stellar Day Blog, Pregnancies, Just Me Pregnant-10 Pregnant-11 Pregnant-12 Pregnant-13 Pregnant-14 Pregnant-15

Favorite Cravings: Starbucks water, grapes, cheese and crackers, and an occasional cake pop
Aversions: None. Seriously. I had no aversions. Oh actually that’s not true. At 33 weeks I started hating green beans.
Morning Sickness: None. Occasional nausea in the third trimester.
Weight Gain: 20 lbs
Her story so far: I obviously don’t have a birth story YET. She’s a scheduled c-section, and we are not announcing the date online or any social media outlets, although it’s not a secret if you asked me in person. My pregnancy with her has been the best physically of all the three. I’ve gained very little weight compared to the boys, I have felt like I looked more like myself this time around, and I have had little to zero joint pain of any kind. My back doesn’t even really hurt like it should in pregnancy! BUT. Hormonally and emotionally? IT’S BEEN A NIGHTMARE. I mean, I can cry at any and everything (and I have!), I get irritated easily, frustrated quickly, and can lose my cool way sooner than normal. I’ve felt way more introverted this time around and very protective of my time with my family. I haven’t been super hungry during this whole pregnancy, where as with the boys I wanted to. eat. every. thing. I’ve eaten a lot of protein this time around, water (SO MUCH WATER. Probably over a gallon and a half a day), virtually no sweets except for maybe once a week, and I wasn’t as exhausted as I was with the boys.  

We are excited to meet her sometime this next week. THIS NEXT WEEK YOU GUYS. I can’t wait to finish her birth story with photos from the hospital and afterwards. Pregnancy is just the most awful, wonderful, glorious, life giving, life sucking thing you will ever do. It’s such a mix I think! So far, Bravery has been giving me contractions (PAINFUL ONES) since week 36, making this feel like I’m a first time mom all over again since the boys never did that.

She’s already paving her own way, making her mark on the world, and stirring up trouble. Just like me. 🙂 We love her. We can’t wait to meet her and see what her little personality is like, and how she changes the dynamic of our home.

The boys can’t wait. They ask about her every single day. They always ask me what’s taking so long, which makes the days seem longer if I’m being honest. ha. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?

I take comfort that Jesus knows when her birth day is. And it won’t be too much longer now. Please pray for us, me, her, and that her delivery would be smooth, healthy, and a joyous time for us all. Pray for the boys as they prepare to adjust to us bringing her home and what adding a new little member of the family will mean for us.

Thanks for taking the time to walk down memory lane with me. It was fun for me and made me even MORE excited for little miss to make her arrival.

Any day now, guys. Any day. We can’t wait.





One thought on “all my pregnancies.

  1. What a special way to remember all the little humans you’ve created! Haha. I loved reading this post, especially being pregnant myself. It’s funny how different yours all are. My first one was a breeze and this time around, I’ve had maybe 5 days total of NOT being nauseous and I eat like a picky toddler. I want Goldfish crackers, sweets (anything from the Starbucks pastry case really), rice, bread, any starchy carb within reach and nothing with a strong flavor. Thank you hormones! It’s amazing how kids have such strong personalities that even seem to shine through in the way they enter the world. I just asked Jackson if he remembered Cruz, even showed him a picture and he says no. 😦 You know what that means?!? It’s been WAY too long! It’s fun keeping up with your journey through the inter-webs but we definitely miss hanging out in person. I’m sure you’re not planning any trips to Texas in the near future. You’ll be a little busy but looking forward to the day our paths cross again. Your little family is so precious and God has such great plans for all of you. Praying for you all as you add one more into the mix. Yay Bravery!! 😀

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