nursery tour.

YAY. I finally got around to blogging baby girl’s nursery! It’s all set and ready for her, which I can hardly believe. This nursery has become everything I dreamed it would be if I had a little girl. It’s not too girly, not too babyish, very bright and full of color, hip, and cozy.

My favorite.

I love color. I love design. I love decorating. I love eclectic things that aren’t supposed to go together, but somehow they DO. I’m a big believer that a baby’s room should be FULL of color. It should be a space they can play in some day. It should be bright, airy, welcoming, comforting, not too dark.

It should be home.

Designing her room and watching it come together was SO FUN. It took almost all nine months, but it turned out exactly how I imagined. So let’s walk through it, shall we?

Nursery tour on Stellar Day Blog

So like I said, I wanted color! I purchased the curtains on clearance at Target, and they were actually one of the first pieces I bought. I knew I wanted shades of teal, yellow and pink in her room. So when I saw the curtains for $20 a panel, I didn’t even hesitate. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-2

I knew I wanted to have a variety of frames on the wall with all different kinds of things in them, including a couple of family photos. This took a while to collect and design, but I love how it turned out. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-3 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-4

Ok THIS PILLOW YOU GUYS, is one of my favorite things in her entire room. And is so special to me. I did not make it, sadly I can not take any credit. It was a gift given to me, but it was designed by Amy Jacob of Gathering Wishes Studio. Seriously, I fell in love with this pillow the moment I opened it at my shower, and I purchased two more at Christmas for each of the boys. Such a gorgeous gift that we’ll treasure for a LONG time. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-5

A lot of different touches in Bravery’s room were handmade by dear friends of ours, like the canvas above and the canvas below. It was amazing to me how many people really helped me with her room by gifting us with such special things. Miss B is one lucky little lady, let me tell you. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-6 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-8

Ok I DID MAKE THIS MOBILE. Are you proud of me? I’m only bragging because I SUCK at making stuff and this actually turned out amazing. I found a photo on Pinterest that did NOT have a tutorial with it, but I kinda eye balled it and make it work. It wasn’t hard and I simple love it. I mean I. love. it. I got all the supplies I needed for it at Michaels. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-9 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-10 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-11 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-12

Her dresser was next. My husband painted this dresser, which was actually MY childhood dresser when I was a baby. We found knobs on clearance at Anthropologie seriously, over SIX years ago. They were such a good deal, simply adorable, and we had nothing to use them for. So I just saved them. When we found out that we were having a girl, I KNEW these knobs (below) would be perfect on a mustard yellow dresser. Just lovely. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-13 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-14

My dear friend Shannon recovered my glider for me! I wanted funky, mismatching, and colorful. And that’s what I got! I’m so, SO grateful for her help. I suck a sewing AND it’s yet another hand that helped me in designing her room. I got that awesome lamp at Ikea. I saw it and had to have it. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-15

The little plaque underneath this shelf with the pom poms was handmade by one of my great friends AND our family hairstylist, Kim. She was raising funds to go on a mission trip to India, so we bought this to support her AND to add it to Bravery’s room. It’s perfect. Something we’ll keep forever AND a beautiful daily reminder of the work she did in India and to be praying for that country. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-16 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-17

Do you SEE IT? The QUILT? Another gift from one of best friends, Rachel, who handmade that for Bravery. I hung it on the end of her bed because I intend to use it on the floor with her daily to play on, relax on, take photos with- all of it. I love, love, love it. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-18 Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-19

I had a little visitor this day that I was taking photos. Cruz loves to come sit in here sometimes and he tells me all the time that this is his favorite room. (Here come the water works!)
Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-20

I didn’t set out to fill her room with owls. It’s funny really, I actually wanted to STAY AWAY from the owl trend. But they sorta kept finding me. HA. I seriously don’t know how it happened, they just kept making their way into her room! So there are owl touches in her room and I love it now. But I saw this rad rug at Ikea and thought it rocked. It’s a perfect example of a piece that isn’t babyish, but is the perfect amount of kiddo, bright color, spunk, and fun. Stellar Day Blog, Nursery Tour, Inspiration-21So there you have it. Her room is small, full of color, fun, and can’t wait for HER to be in it! I’m so thrilled that it turned out the way it did. I hope you enjoyed the tour! The next time you see this room, she will be in it. I can’t wait to introduce her to our colorful and crazy world.

Pretty sweet.



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