a break.

Stellar Day Blog, Erin McFarland Photography, AZ

Sometimes you just need a break. I have taken my very first ever, break from Facebook and Instagram. Not sure how long I’m going to be away, but it’s been 48 hours and it actually feels really, REALLY liberating. I deleted the apps off my phone, and I have to say, I feel lighter. I didn’t realize that I was tied up so much to social media. I mean, I knew I loved it and that it was fun. But I guess I didn’t realize the underlying anxiety it was causing me. And maybe it wasn’t; maybe it was just lately.

I think it was.

But taking a step back to just breathe is so needed sometimes, right? I don’t need to be enslaved to my phone. It’s hard not to be with my kids but really just on my phone checking out the rest of the world. Because you know what? There’s a lot of my day where I think that what’s happening on social media is A LOT more interesting than what I’m doing at home with my kids. And in thinking that and hiding behind my phone while they play, I am robbing myself of precious moments where I can just BE with them.

Don’t get me wrong. Being on your phone isn’t necessarily bad. And I still am on Pinterest a bit while I nurse Bravery, and search other stuff that I am interested in. But I’m not sitting on Facebook and Instagram right now, and because of that I have a lot less to do on my phone. So I have been putting it down a lot more.

What a novel concept.

The truth is. There is a LOT changing for me. Like, a lot. Our entire business is changing. My idea of what being a working mom is, is changing. And I just needed some space to clear my head about what all of that means. I found myself comparing myself to other photographers I follow- photographers who aren’t married and who don’t have kids. So isn’t that ridiculous of me? I can’t compare myself to people who aren’t even in the same life stage I am. But I did. And I do, sometimes. I hit a wall the other day, with everything that is changing for us. I cried hard. And I decided that I needed some silence in my life.


I have a newborn guys. It’s not REALLY silent over here.

But the lies that were swirling inside my head ARE silent right now. And I’m focusing on being a mama and working a little bit on the computer right now. And I’m reading my Bible. And I’m not checking Facebook one hundred and one times a day.

And you know what?

God is answering me. And I actually AM gaining some clarity. And we DO have some ideas involving the changes for our business and for our family. And that feels liberating even further.

So I challenge you. What do you need to turn off in your life so you can truly hear from God? Maybe it’s not social media for you. But what is it? Even if it’s for one single day, I challenge you to turn it off. Step away. Ask God to fill the space and the silence and to be more real to you that He’s ever been before in your life.

I promise He will meet you where you’re at. All we have to do is be available and ready.

*Photograph by Erin McFarland. OMG isn’t it awesome?? She rocks.


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