she smiles.

It was something that she’s done before, but it was always hard to tell if it was on purpose or not. ‘They’ always say that babies smile because of gas when they’re newbies. I always thought that was weird. And how can you tell? Whenever any of my babies had/have gas, they’re screaming, not smiling. So I always thought that was a strange thing to say, but whatevs.



I scrambled for my phone and took a half way decent photo of it and I got some video of it too, that will likely be in our next family video that I put together. But LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS. Her sweet little toothless smile is the most absolute best thing ever. She’s been intentionally smiling at us ever since and we are seriously all just head over heels for her.

She’s really the best little thing ever.

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