they love her.

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I feel super blessed that our boys love their baby sister as much as they do. It’s a “I want to be in her face all the time” kind of love. When she cries, they come running. Anxiously hoping to calm her tears. When she’s hungry, they want to help. But they can’t because I’m nursing and that would be awkward. When she smiles at them, it’s as if she’s hung the moon for them.

Really, I could not ask for more as far as how much they truly love her. She is one cherished sister.

I snapped this photo the other day when I was going to try (TRY, being the key word here) to do a photo shoot with Bravery. But she wasn’t having it this day, so we cut it short. During the time that I had my camera out, Rider stepped up onto the step stool that I was using because he wanted to see “Bwaver-wee”, as he calls her. ha.

She stopped crying and fussing the minute they caught eyes. As I took this, he was saying, “It’s ok Bwaver-wee, it’s ok!”

My heart melted, she stopped crying, and my heart was and IS thankful.

Lord, I pray that my kids would always have a strong love for one another. That they would be closely bonded together, that they would protect one another, look out for one another, and always look past each others differences if there are some. Lord I pray that you would continue to help Jason and I to provide a home where our three kids would have the space to be individuals, but to love one another in the deepest way possible regardless. Please always keep our family intact, communicating when we need to, and best of friends. I am so thankful for my kids, even on a hard day like today. You have called me to be here with them, and there’s no where else I’d rather be and no other kids I could ever imagine having.

I’m so thankful you’ve chosen to give them to us. And I will forever be blown away that you chose me to be their mom.


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