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Are you ever stumped about what to do for dinner? Do you wish you were more creative in the kitchen? Do you get sick of your same ol’ go-to meals that make each and every week?


I suck at cooking. Ok, that’s actually not true. I can follow a recipe and make a pretty good dinner. It won’t be fancy or gourmet, but I DO manage to feed us and no one has died and my husband likes MOST of the things I make.

There. I said it. I don’t suck at cooking.

But here’s the kicker- I DON’T ENJOY IT. Most of the time, I have to really force myself to find joy in the kitchen. Cooking, meal planning, preparing, serving it- it’s all not my bag. It’s TOTALLY a labor of love, so I do it every single day. And I DO value good, healthy food and taking care of my family. So for that, being in the kitchen is a must and I will do it every day.

But it’s not my favorite thing to do, by far.

I have a good friend, Stephanie, who LOVES to be in the kitchen. She finds joy in hosting, cooking, serving, planning- all of it. And she is AMAZING at it. She has inspired so many people to create better meals and table time for their families. It’s truly been inspirational to watch. Then she decided to give us ALL the gift of meal planning, by doing it FOR us.


You have to check out her new website and passion. Steph’s Menu is awesome! If you sign up for only $5 a month (ONLY FIVE BUCKS YOU GUYS), each week you’ll receive a menu of incredible dinner options, as well as a grocery list!! I don’t know about you, but adding in the grocery list is a done deal for me. The meals she creates are SO good and the amount of time you’ll cut down on by using this awesome tool is amazing.

I’m so stoked for her. She’s encouraging so many of us to spend more time in the kitchen, all while making it easier for those of us who don’t particularly enjoy it. I have been so encouraged by her encouragement through this, and it’s helped me in the kitchen, tremendously.

And I’m seriously obsessed with the grocery list. Meal planning is not my favorite thing to do. She takes all the work out of it and is providing her subscribers with healthy, easy, affordable meal options that will help put JOY back in your kitchen and around your table.¬†Go check it out.

You. Will. Love. It. Make sure you follow her on Facebook AND Instagram too!

Happy cooking!!


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