Beautycounter is awesome.

Have you heard of Beautycounter? I hadn’t either until my great friend Susan introduced me to this awesome company.

Ok wait. FIRST, can I just share this fact with you?:

“The United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.”

Whaaaaaaat. What?!

I had never really given thought to what kinds of chemicals were in the products I use. Like the founder of Beautycounter, I assumed that we live in a country that regulates most things, certainly products we use on our skin.

Aaaand this isn’t the case. But I have been introduced to these amazing products and I just might never go back. I love what the company is doing, banning over 1,500 ingredients from their products and all to help set a new standard. But also not sacrificing on amazing products.

I got my hands on the kids collection and let me just tell you, I’m in LOVE. First, it smells awesome. The first time we used it Cruz exclaimed “Mom! It smells like oranges and cookies!!”. HA. While I’m not sure about the cookies part, I CAN tell you that it does smell like citrus and it smells CLEAN at the same time.

No more shampoo that smells like double bubble blue raspberry. Or wacky watermelon. Or sublime lime. Or all that crap.

We have actually had quite the kids shampoo debacle in our house over the past few months. First, every shampoo we try severely dries out our kiddos scalps. Even with conditioner, the boys scalps would be dry and their hair would always kinda feel heavy and not 100% clean. Plus, we like to keep our kids hair long most of the time and even with detangler, it would be a NIGHTMARE to comb out their hair. I’m not looking forward to combing out Bravery’s hair some day. Mylanta. What a nightmare.

But we’ve used this new shampoo and conditioner TWICE and it’s a completely different story already! It smells good, their hair is clean, their scalps aren’t dry, and combing through their hair has been NO problem. And their hair just even FEELS cleaner.

And the fact that it’s all made with ingredients that won’t harm them in any way is a total bonus for mom. So I had to share this here in case any of you are looking for new products or for a reason to switch it up. Next on my list is to try beauty items for ME, so I’ll keep you posted if I come to love more items from this rad company. But so far, these products have exceeded my expectations. And the fact that Beautycounter is working so hard to make change in the industry for the better and to keep people healthy is something I can get behind.

So go check it out! My good friend Susan is a consultant so contact her if you’re interested or if you have questions. Fabulous products all while making a difference in the world.


*Photo copyright © Stellar Day Blog, 2014.


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