a plan.

Studying Proverbs 31

Today I’m continuing to RE-BLOG the study I did on Proverbs 31 a couple years ago. May it bless you today as this study blessed me then! ENJOY!

Re-post from December 1st, 2011:

There is a lot to learn from the next verse in my study through Proverbs 31. And NO, I’m not going to convince you that you should sleep less and get up when it’s dark.

Ok I am a little bit. HA.

I’m a huge believer in what this next verse is telling us. And while I KNOW there are MANY of us who CANNOT GET OUT OF BED before the sun comes up, I do think there is still a lot to learn from this verse. And I think there is more than one way to make it applicable for your home and your routine. I do, however, on most days take this verse quite literally. Except I don’t have servant girls or maidens. That would be weird.

Ok WOW. The next verse I’m studying is:

‘She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants.’ Proverbs 31:15

The very first part of this verse is super hard for most of us. It’s SUPER hard for me. But I can honestly tell you that I do it and it helps me TREMENDOUSLY. This woman that Proverbs 31 is talking about gets up when it’s still dark outside. She’s waking up before everyone in her home. And why? To work. To start her day preparing for her family, getting food cooked and ready. And making plans for her servant girls for the day that hasn’t officially started yet.

The bottom line? This woman has a PLAN.

I think this verse is specifically for the mammas out there. Can you apply it to your life if you aren’t married or if you don’t have children yet? Of course you can. No one is exempt here. But I think as a mom this verse is so vital to the functioning of our families.

I can actually tell you that I do this. After only three short years of owning my own business AND being a mom all at the same time, I can tell you that this has revolutionized the way my home is run. IF I can manage to do it. It’s not perfect because I like my sleep the same as the rest of us. But if I can manage to get a head start on the day before anyone else is up, the tone of my entire day is completely different.

If I’m rolling out of bed with my kids, I’m likely stumbling into the kitchen in DESPERATE need of some coffee. My kids are probably already screaming that they want milk and that they’re hungry. They need diapers changed and to go potty and hands washed and they can’t find their socks and he’s looking at me weird mommy!! I mean, there’s one THOUSAND different scenarios that could take place on any given morning! Am I right?? It’s pure insanity. The mornings can be chaos. If I wake up WITH the boys, getting a cup of coffee happens at pure luck. Let alone an entire PLAN FOR THE DAY? Forget it.

I’m a huge believer that we as wives are the thermostat of our homes. We set the ‘temperature’ within our home, so to speak. And keeping things cool, calm and collected is absolutely vital to every home I think. I know that if I wake up with the boys, I’m groggy, cranky and now stressed out because it’s all coming at me too fast. And I wasn’t ready for the little ones to be climbing on my legs AS MY TOES HIT THE FLOOR.

So I sacrifice on sleep a little bit. I try to get up before everyone so I can get a jump on the day. So I can get breakfast assembled in some fashion. And so I can have a cup of coffee to collect my thoughts about what needs to get done for the day. And I started doing that because of this verse. And it has totally changed my mornings and my approach to each day.

I’m not saying that you need to get up at 5:00 am with me every single morning. Each of us needs to do what works for your family. But I think even fifteen minutes before your kids get up will work too! What’s important to me about this verse, is that this woman knew exactly what HER family needed to make it harmonious. And for it to be an even keeled thermostat in her home. She would wake up before them however early or late that may have been, and she prepared breakfast and made a plan for the day. Her kids and husband wouldn’t wake up to find a woman who was a total basket case because her coffee hasn’t brewed fast enough. But a woman who has already had a cup (or TWO) of coffee, and getting ready for the day. Ready for THEM. And she has a plan.

I promise you that this doesn’t mean it has to look like it’s set in the 1950′s with bacon and eggs on the table at exactly 8:00 am. Trust me. Washing my hair is still a luxury and I am ALWAYS the last one dressed before we leave. It doesn’t always look pretty or perfect. BUT, on the days that I do get up before my family, my attitude DOES look different. Even if my hair isn’t washed and if yesterdays mascara is dripping down my face. By the time that Cruz and Rider get up, I am ready for them. I’m relaxed and even tempered. I’m awake, which is a plus. And I’ve likely read my Bible too. There’s no BETTER way to start my day than that.

It’s not always perfect. I’m really, really, really tired. I get it. But it’s totally worth it to me to be a little tired but to have a little quiet time in the morning to brace myself for the craziness that’s about to happen.

I admire this Proverbs 31 woman so much. I love that this verse isn’t talking about what all her friends do to make it work in their homes. It talks about HER getting up and doing what worked for HER family. I don’t think you need to get up super early to go milk the cows if that’s not what works for your family. But I do think it’s wise to figure out a way to have a plan of attack, so to speak. And whatever that may look like for your family, I think having some sort of a daily plan and putting it into action is what’s important here. Having a plan in your home each day means YOU are in control of the home. It’s not controlling you.

You are the thermostat of your home. It’s our jobs to make sure that everything stays balanced and stress-free. How can it be that if YOU aren’t balanced and stress-free?

Get up. Face the day. Have a plan. All of your hard work in your home WILL be blessed. I’m confident of that.


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