the flower patch.

This past Mothers Day, Jason was really, REALLY sick. Cruz had been sick the entire week prior and Jason caught whatever Cruz had just a few days before Mothers Day.

I mean, I have never seen the guy sicker. He didn’t get out of bed for days.

But in the midst of it all, he managed to make sure to leave me a surprise package on Mother’s Day! I always wake up after him on Sundays because he heads out to get to the church to lead worship. He always leads a rehearsal with the band and the kids and I come later on the weeks that I’m not leading with him.

He was in the middle of not feeling good at ALL and STILL went to lead worship. AND he left me a surprise gift on the counter, wrapped and pretty that I woke up to that morning.

What a babe.

He put together a personalized photo album of our family and in a box was a beautiful dried bouquet of flowers from The Flower Patch, an amazing Etsy shop with gorgeous products. I LOVE getting flowers, but I hate when the flowers die. So he thought a dried bunch of wildflowers would be perfect because I can always keep it.

I loved it. It was such a thoughtful gift and completely surprised me because he’d been so sick!

Unique floral arrangements from The Flower Patch 2_SDB-IMG_1383 3_SDB-IMG_1387

We heard about this Etsy shop from one of our brides! She carried a bouquet similar to mine and so did her bridesmaids at The Desert Botanical Gardens about a month ago. They’re just such a unique idea for bridal bouquets and they looked AH.MA.ZING in the gardens, with her wedding dress, and her bridesmaids dresses.

Unique floral arrangements from The Flower Patch

Unique floral arrangements from The Flower Patch

So check it out! The Flower Patch is the perfect spot to order one of a kind floral arrangements for your wedding or even for your home like me!

To see Scott + Razlyn’s entire wedding that we photographed, please click HERE.


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