this isn’t pinterest land.

Sometimes dinner just IS this simple.

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Ok a LOT of nights dinner is this simple. I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, although I have gotten WAY better at it and I DO enjoy it more than ever. Having a handful of successes helps boost your esteem a little bit I guess. But there’s plenty of nights that a good ol’ quesadilla and mexican rice will do the trick and fill our bellies just fine.

And lots of nights, Jason and  I stand near the kitchen sink for dinner while our littles eat at the counter.


Life doesn’t have to be fancy, guys. It’s not all about having the perfect table settings, gorgeous china, or burlap napkins. We don’t ACTUALLY live in “Pinterest land”. Those things are great, but remember that comparison steals joy. Social media doesn’t always display the truth. And it’s perfectly ok to eat quesadillas or peanut butter and jelly for dinner every single night if you want to.

It just is.

Live free today. Your neighbor’s life isn’t perfect. And neither is yours. That’s what makes it beautiful.


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