back float ribbon.

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It’s pretty amazing how much can change in a week for a kiddo. Rider had the hardest time last week at swim. He cried the entire time, was scared, and begged to not go back. He loved his very first day, so to watch the downward spiral was hard.

What happened was this. The very first day, his class started out with a substitute teacher because the original one that was scheduled to teach the class was out. On day two, he had his original teacher, but since he didn’t start with her it threw him for a loop. All the trust that was built on the first day just wasn’t there for the new teacher and he was checked out for the rest of the time.

That AND, I don’t think he really clicked with the new teacher very well. This kid needs lots of positive encouragement and high fives! Day two teacher wasn’t really all about it. So it was hard.

SO, we moved him classes and his new teacher is AMAZING. This kid hasn’t cried one single time all week! THAT AND he learned to back float all by himself, which is huge for him!! So today, he got his back float ribbon. His face says it all. He went from total defeat last week to pure accomplishment. I’m SO glad I didn’t just pull him out altogether. I’m SO glad he pushed through another week and that we sat sidelines to encourage him.

One of the greatest parts of being a mom is watching them achieve goals and accomplish huge things to them. What a great day!


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