hard day.

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Yesterday was a hard day. I cried all day and ended going to bed feeling defeated. All I could hear was God asking me to trust him. Trust Him. TRUST HIM.

And I will.

But do you ever feel tired of trusting? I will never give up on trusting God. I know he’s ALWAYS going to ask us to trust him. Jess, do you trust me? I can hear him whispering gently to me. Yes, God, I do.


But I am tired. Trusting takes a lot of energy. God is so patient with me. He asks us to trust, but then turns right back around in Psalm 23 and tells us to rest in him. To let him lead us. To lie down. To not fear anything. For he is our God and he is in control, waiting to pour his goodness over us. Overflowing with goodness.

I believe his promises. But I am tired. And thank God he’s a God who will renew our strength. Because although I WILL trust him, I am weary at times of having to constantly step out in faith.

He never fails. I DO trust him. I’m tired. And human. And ready for a short season where I can just breathe a little bit. But God sees fit to ask me to trust him. So I will. I prayed last night for a renewed mind when I woke up. He allowed Bravery to sleep until eight and the boys were quiet until then as well, allowing rest. I didn’t wake up perfectly renewed and refreshed.

But God is here. And he’s hearing me. I KNOW he is. Can you ever just FEEL it?

Trust him you guys. It might be the hardest thing you have to do. You might have to struggle through anger, hurt, exhaustion, tears, and deep sorrow at times. But you can trust our Almighty God, who knows what is best. Even when it doesn’t make sense.


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