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Many of you have wondered and asked what on EARTH am I doing with Stellar Day Boutique. And the truth?

I still don’t really know either.

What I DO know, is that I’m seeking some new inspiration behind it and re-creating it to be something that more or less fits who I am today. I really feel like I’ve been on a creative journey this past year. I’ve hit some real lows as an artist and feel like I’m coming out of it with some clarity of what I want to do. Specifically with this shop.

But I’m still in the process of creating it to be what I’m dreaming it to be.

This I do know. I DON’T want it to be something that can fit into only one category. I don’t want it to ONLY have headbands and bows in it for babies. I have a baby girl, so there WILL be some of that. And I’m working on some SUPER FABULOUS ideas that I can’t wait to showcase.

I AM a photographer who shoots weddings. But I don’t want it to ONLY be a bridal shop. Even though, I do enjoy bridal things especially if MY brides are wearing them. So it will be a focus as well. But not the whole focus.

And I have been dreaming up a whole lot of other handmade goodies to put into the shop that I haven’t totally tried my hand at yet. But I DO know that I am only going to be putting things in the shop that are inspiring to me. They will be funky, unique, one of a kind, and they will have attitude.

So hang in there with me.

It’s taking me a lot longer to get my shop back up and running than I was planning and than I would have liked. But it’s going to be worth it. I mean, I’m learning how to sew for crying out loud. ME. SEWING. Crazy. But I’m enjoying learning something new and making things for myself and Bravery that I wouldn’t necessarily find elsewhere.

We are going to Colorado in a few days. And after we return, I have some more time off as we are in our “slow season” right now with our photo business. So I will be spending some time making my ideas become a reality and will be sharing them all with you soon.

It will be worth the wait you guys. I promise.

Stellar Day Blog, Stellar Day Boutique, Etsy


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