no job description post needed.

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We are in the process of looking for a new nanny… again. The first one we had was IN.CRED.IBLE. She decided to stay home and be a mommy full time. We were SO excited that she made that decision for her kiddos and SO sad to have to see her go.

And finding the next one hasn’t been as easy as it was finding her. A few days ago, I posted on Facebook and Instagram that we are beginning to look for another nanny after one we just hired didn’t work out. And I had mentioned that I was going to do a whole blog post about the position and what we were looking for.

But then I was blown away by the response that we’ve received of people who are interested in the job. So now I don’t really need to do a detailed blog post about what we are looking for.

So I’m currently interviewing people. And the couple people I’ve interviewed already have been amazing. I mean, truly amazing. And AGAIN, I’m reminded that God is providing for us. That He already has someone perfect picked out who is the exact match of what we need in a nanny. Someone who can COMMIT to us, love us, and just be an extension of our crazy little family.

He’s already providing.

God always provides, doesn’t it? It rarely looks like how we want it to look. It hardly ever goes as quickly as we want it to go. But it’s always what’s best for us and always meets all of our needs. And it never goes without stretching me a little bit, as I wait for his perfect provision.

I’m so thankful I serve a God that can be glorified in my weakness. That he so graciously waits for us to trust Him so that He can pour out His blessings upon us. And even if/when life seems uncertain, I LOVE that He never fails me. I can always trust Him and know with all my heart that He is going to take care of me.

And my kids. And my family.

He’s got this. No job description post needed.


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