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Something weird happened today. Something I never thought would happen EVER.

Cruz. MY CRUZ. My picky eater of a five year old tried BACON. And he liked it. He not only tried bacon, but he tried CHEESE, SCRAMBLED EGGS, and PEANUT BUTTER.

He loved peanut butter. He seriously ate no less than six spoonfuls of straight peanut butter from the jar. And I let him.

He’s been picky his whole life. And if you’ve known my kid for any length of time, you know that’s true. So today was full of victories in our home, each and every time he tried a bite!

I knew that he would come around to trying new foods. We’ve never forced him. We never do that ‘you MUST have one bite or else’ bit. We don’t require that he try anything. The decision is his to choose what he puts in his mouth. It’s my responsibility to make sure that his plate is colorful and full of new foods and foods that we are eating. I’m not going to force him to try anything.

Today he asked. I was telling him about what protein is, why we need it, and what foods in our fridge and pantry had it in it. And HE ASKED to have bites of all those things.

He loved bacon and peanut butter. He said he liked the cheese but didn’t eat very much. He tried a bite of scrambled eggs, but they weren’t his favorite. I’m one hundred percent ok with that.

I’m super thankful that I’ve been patient with him all these years and allowed him to explore his own world of food at his pace. Some kids just take longer and need more space to breath.

And that’s totally ok with me.


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