we made it.

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Irony is posting that you’re going to blog every single day, and then the next day, heading out on vacation and being without wireless at the place you’re staying. The house we stayed in in Pinetop actually DID have wireless. But it wasn’t working. And we weren’t there too long so we didn’t really worry about it.

I still thought it was funny.

So we made it! We are vacationing in Ouray, CO for the next week before we get to work in Telluride, CO. We’ve managed to book another wedding AND a few other things while we are in this gorgeous state and we are pretty jazzed about it.

And can we just talk for a second about how amazingly beautiful it is here? OMG. Everyone told me it was incredible but WOW. It’s amazing here. We got to Ouray right at about 8:00pm. By that time we had three screaming kids who had been in and out of the car all day long, so we hardly had much time to check out Ouray. We all kinda just ran into the house, threw food in our kids mouths and tossed them in bed.

I kid. But really.

Stellar Day Blog, Traveling, Just Me

So this week should be amazing. All three of our kids rocked it in the car, even Bravery. It was surprising to me really, but made me so thankful that we have taken the time to travel with them since they were all weeks old. I love traveling and I love road trips. So it’s really important to me that they be able to travel well with us. And they love it. Cruz has already said he doesn’t want to go home. They love being in new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.

I am so thankful.

Stellar Day Blog, Traveling, Just Me

Traveling with our kids, especially when we work, is something that we have always dreamed of doing. It always, ALWAYS takes extra work and it’s hard sometimes. But it’s always been worth the experiences that we have as a family. Road trips to new places is something we always want to do together.

Speaking of, we made a family pact to NOT be in Phoenix for the Fourth of July every year IF circumstances and finances allow it. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. And I so desperately want to see how other parts of the country celebrate. Last year, Jason and I were in Naples, Florida standing in the Gulf of Mexico watching the fireworks and it was then that I knew that I wanted to experience fireworks all over this country if possible. So Colorado is first! We are already chatting about next year, but we’ll see what happens.

Anyways. We had a great first day. Tomorrow morning first thing we are going to check out a local coffee shop that we can walk to. Our house is on Main Street so we can walk to everything.

It’s pretty rad you guys.

Stellar Day Blog, Traveling, Just Me

Okay I’m off to bed. Keep up with my Instagram. I’m trying not to blow up everyone’s feed by over posting our vacation but then in the same breath I don’t care. I’m collecting photos to make an Instagram photo album at the end of all this, so I’m going to post away.

Check it out and stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Good night y’all!


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