not my finest day.

Yeeaaaa. Today was not so great. And it’s mostly all my fault, kinda. A number of things went wrong for me today. First, I decided that it was time to wean and stop breast feeding Bravery. I don’t care to explain why, I don’t want to get into a discussion about it, I don’t want people commenting telling me why I’m a bad mom because I chose to stop. If you know me personally and want to know why, I’ll totally share with you. But it was a personal decision that was best for me AND her and it’s going fine.


So there’s that. AND there’s the hormones that are trying to level back out.

We went fishing today. Do you know me? I’m not super outdoorsy. I try from time to time, mostly because I’m a mama of boys and my hubby enjoys fishing and camping. But I DON’T LIKE CAMPING. I just don’t like it. But today, I tried to put on a good face for fishing for the boys and Jay wanted to show them how and I do agree, it IS awesome for kids.

Stellar Day Blog, Fishing, Bad Day Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The boys loved it.

Bravery, NOT SO MUCH. Had she loved it, we would have hung in there. But it was hot out, there were bugs, and she just wasn’t having it today being outside.

Stellar Day Blog, Fishing, Bad Day

Don’t let the smile fool you. We were there for about 10 minutes and we spent the rest of the almost two hours IN THE CAR. At least I had my mom with me. Yay mom for the win!

Stellar Day Blog, Fishing, Bad Day

So add the fishing morning, fussy baby, weaning and raging hormones all into the mix and what do you get?


I was the grumpy mom on vacation today. I’m not proud of it. It wasn’t my finest day. I cried a lot. Should I be weaning her while on vacation? Probably not. But that’s the way it’s happened. Should I have let the boys go fishing alone? Probably so. But I try really hard to set aside my likes for them so we can experience new things together.

But it wasn’t my best day.

So here’s to tomorrow. Today is almost behind us and tomorrow we are going to go exploring old ghost towns- something I really actually AM excited about!

And if you’re a mama just know, no matter where you’re at with your kids, bad days happen. Don’t feel guilty about it. You didn’t ruin the whole vacation because you were in a funk for one day. We are here for almost two weeks so it would be honestly weird if I didn’t have one emotional breakdown. haha.

But for reals.

Tomorrow, HERE I COME.


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