really small.

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Today was a much better day than yesterday. Isn’t that the good thing about new days? His mercies are new every morning amiright?

Praise God.

Today we took the morning to go explore old mining ghost towns and it was a really cool and somewhat surreal experience. There are SO many buildings left over all over this land, scattered along the mountainsides and all week long we have been wondering WHO used to live there, WHY did they leave, and WHAT kind of lives did they have. It’s pretty awesome.

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And in the best way ever, it’s made me feel really small. This whole trip kind of has. Seeing new places and getting outside of your own city and state is enough to make you realize that the life you live is actually pretty tiny in comparison to all that is going on in the world. And then when you add to the mix that there used to be towns and cities of people that no longer exist, it’s just somewhat humbling.

At least it has been to me.

It makes me feel eternally humbled and forever grateful that I serve a God who is SO big. Who has created this enormous world for us to play in and explore. That he’s created generations of people across thousands of years to walk this earth who have all had lives that he ordained for such a time as this. And that in the same breath, he desires to know me deeply. ME. Deeply. Personally. And intimately. And only if I let him in. That he’s chosen to use me in this life, right where I’m at and that I can make a difference.

In this big huge world that I actually am so small in.


I’m forever grateful that my God is so big. That he sees all, has created all, and loves us all. Even when life doesn’t make sense, He is there and in control of it all. And all of a sudden I don’t need to be so big. I can just rest in His infinite ability to take care of my life, and know that He has taken time to get to know even the smallest parts of my life.

So today was awesome. Seeing old buildings and imagining who lived there is awesome. Imagining what God had planned for each of those people’s lives while they walked this earth is even cooler. And knowing that He’s doing the same thing today in all of OUR lives, just as He was then is pretty spectacular.

Traveling is cool.

Stellar Day Blog, Inspiration, Ironton


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