slow down.

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Today I pretty much only took landscape photos. I usually fill my phone with my kiddos because they are seriously my whole world. But today, for some reason, I filled my day with photos of the outdoors that we were traveling. We arrived in Telluride today and let me tell you, I am in LOVE with it. Have you been here?? Lots of people have, and I haven’t heard a bad thing about it.

It’s gorgeous. I literally couldn’t stop snapping photos.

It made me reflect a little bit on WHY we are doing this with our kids. It would be really easy to spend another vacation at an amusement park. And don’t get me wrong. We LOVE us some amusement parks!! And we will of course do that again with our kids. But traveling to locations that aren’t necessarily FOR kids is really important I think.

Why? Wouldn’t that be harder?

Well, sure. But I think traveling to places that aren’t 100% for kids, gives us the opportunity as a family to find things to do together that we would ALL enjoy. AND, it allows our kids to know and learn that vacations we take aren’t necessarily all about them. AND, it broadens their world a little bit. It makes them realize that even at the age of three and five, that there are many other cities to explore out there. That there’s a LOT of other people who walk this earth. And that it’s ok to be bored in the woods for a little while to use your imagination.

Stellar Day Blog, Traveling, Just Me

We don’t need to have entertainment thrown at us 100% of the time.

It gives us an opportunity as a family to slow down with one another. To listen to some music, to talk about the different kinds of trees and birds we see as we drive, and to just BE together.

I am so thankful that Jason and I share this value together. Traveling as a family to explore and adventure in new places is something we are planning to do every single year. If possible, we’d love to take our kids to see all 50 states by the time Cruz is at the end of high school. Right now, we are making it a reality one trip at a time if we can.

This whole trip has really opened my eyes to some deep rooted core family values that I want to instill. I’ve had time to decide what I want out of our vacations each year and to learn what I value for when I plan the next one.

Road trips are seriously the best. Our kids love it, we love it. I don’t see an end to this any time soon.

Stellar Day Blog, Traveling, Just Me


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