these are the days.

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I snapped this photo today, shared it, and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s kind of been a recurring theme today- laughing about how much we AREN’T sleeping. Or about how loud our house is. Or how crazy our boys are. I often find myself rolling my eyes and making jokes about how I can’t wait for these days to be behind us because they are SO HARD.

And they ARE so hard. I’m more exhausted than I’ve ever been, I miss my friends more than anyone could ever know, I feel lonely a lot, and I’m up to my elbows in diapers, goldfish crackers, and apple juice.

Today my mom stopped me in the middle of one of my ‘OMG can you believe this is my life?” jokes, and reminded me that I actually WILL miss these days one day. That with every new season brings good things and not so good things, but someday I will look back and long for little feet to run through my house. For the boys to play Star Wars so loud that I can’t see straight. And that I will long to answer their thousands of questions that they have about how things work.

And you know what? She is totally right.

These are the days. I am in the middle of the hardest, most exhausting, and some of the BEST days of my life. And I am trying- I’m TRYING- to embrace them as best as I can. I’m trying to make sure that I enjoy every second. It’s little photos like these that make me realize that these days that I am living right now are awesome. These little boys will grow up to be men and I will look back on this photo, remember our Colorado trip and LONG for them to be little again.

And as much as these two goons drive me nuts all day, I really DO love most of this. I love being their mama, even in the awful days. They drive me nuts all the time, but I wouldn’t trade the world and give up anything I have with them. They are the best and I’m so blessed to be their mama.

These are the days, you guys. Don’t let them slip by too quickly without realizing that even though the days are long, the years really ARE short.


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