end of our trip.

What a way to end our trip. And I can’t believe it’s come to an end. SAD. MOMENT.

We spent today, outside in the rain, in the mountains, photographing THIS wedding:

Stellar Day Blog, Just Me, Going Home

I snapped this photo with my iPhone, so there’s definitely a lot more coming! These two were incredible people. Their wedding was small, intimate, romantic, and just so refreshing. It’s weddings like these, and people like this, that make us remember deeply why we love what we do.

This trip has been an adventure. It’s been amazing to see things we’ve never seen before, meet new people, and to live in different scenery for a couple of weeks. I really wish we could take trips like this a lot more than we do now. Hopefully next year will be full of even MORE traveling with our kids.

So it’s been amazing. We are sad to see it end. We are blessed, thankful and SO grateful for the opportunity to get out of the AZ heat for a little while. To make memories with our kids and to spend a lot of quality time together as a family.

Our kids are little. They might not remember TOO much about this trip, but I’m hoping that they DO remember some things. And what matters is that they had a great time, got to experience new things, and we were all together.

OH. And at the end of tonight we saw SO MANY ELK AGAIN. Seriously, over 100 of them on the side of this hill. I couldn’t photograph them all on my phone.

We are sad to go home, but excited to see all of our friends. AZ HERE WE COME.

Stellar Day Blog, Just Me, Going Home


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