five months.

I’ve never been the mom who put used the month by month stickers on the onesies to track and document my kids turning another month old.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s adorable, actually.

But I’ve just never had time or memory enough to remind myself to do it. I document my kids lives daily in a HUGE way and the days, weeks, and months seriously slip away from me. I often have to use a calendar to count how many weeks old Bravery is.

Is that bad? It’s the truth, whether it’s bad or not!

But today it DID dawn on me that she turned FIVE MONTHS OLD this past Wednesday! It’s crazy how fast this is all going. As much as I don’t want it to go TOO fast, I am thankful to be beyond the super newborn stage. Bravery had the worst, what they call “fourth trimester” than either of my boys. And it was emotionally and mentally AND physically draining.

What’s a “fourth trimester”?

It’s when the baby is born and still wants to be super SUPER attached to you because they were so used to being inside you. She never wanted to leave my side. She nursed ALL the time. Would only sleep if I was holding her. She would sleep well in our room next to my bed but wouldn’t sleep alone in her own room. All of it meant I wasn’t sleeping. So the past few months since she’s been alive have been some of the most exhausting months of my entire life.

BUT. She is the most amazing and incredible addition to our family! What a precious girl. I seriously can’t wait to get to know her little personality even MORE than I already do. So far, she’s very laid back, easy going, and just wants to be with people. She has the worst FOMO (fear of missing out) of any baby I’ve ever known! She needs to be near people, interaction, cuddles, and noise.

She smiles and laughs at everything. I often look into her eyes and wonder what she thinks of all this. Because I know she’s thinking something. She is smart. She can already find each member of our family with her eyes when we call their name, especially mama. She is soft spoken UNLESS she needs or wants something. She isn’t afraid to make herself and her opinion known.

*Ahem* I wonder where she gets that from *Ahem.*

She is completely adored by all four of us. Everyday I tell someone that she is the best thing that has happened to all four of us. BECAUSE IT’S TRUE. She stops even strangers on the street who even tell us what an amazing soul she is.

She is special.

She rolls over, eats rice cereal, has tried pears and sweet potatoes, and is chunking up perfectly. She laughs at Cruz and Rider constantly. I can’t wait for them to play together! She adores her dad and wants to be near her mom constantly. While I am aware that I am her parent, I know that we will have a special friendship as she grows.

She has changed us all in the best ways possible. When I was pregnant with her I couldn’t imagine how a little girl would fit into our family. Now I can’t imagine life without her, as she’s the perfect fit for us!

She has a quiet strength that radiates through our family already, bringing small glimpses that we can speculate and see what God has planned for her. Life without Bravery in it, is impossible.

These have been an exhausting five months. But what an incredible and life changing five months it’s been. She is a gift beyond our answered prayers. God opened the floodgates when He gave us ALL our children, ending with her.

These are the days, you guys. These are the days.

We love you, Bravery. You are the perfect addition to our family and bring a light to every single person you encounter already. What a gift you are, baby girl. I’m so honored to be your mama.

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