thirty two.

You guys. I’m so tired today. So I am going to make this pretty quick.

Today is my 32nd birthday! It was an awesome day!! My grandma, cousin, and cousin’s adorable son are in town. So I spent the day with them, my sisters, my kiddos, my hubby, and my mom. It was great. We went to dinner at Macayo’s, which is an AZ favorite.

Stellar Day Boutique, Just Me, Happy Birthday

I got to sleep in a bit, Jason made chicken fajitas for breakfast (one of my favorites!), and I got a pedicure with one of my best friends today. I had lunch at home, watched the kids play, and just relaxed. It was simple and wonderful.

Stellar Day Boutique, Just Me, Happy Birthday

And remember in my last post how I said there was something else I almost purchased in the antique store up north? We it was this 1940’s SInger and when we found it I almost started crying because it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. We left without buying it and I sorta regretted not making it happen because I just KNEW that it was supposed to me in my life and family. And I just knew I had to have it somehow and didn’t know how I was going to make that a reality when we have so many other things to pay for right now.

Stellar Day Boutique, Just Me, Happy Birthday


The same day we left the antique store, Jason called and reserved it for us so it’s TOTALLY MINE. My birthday present is this gorgeous sewing machine that we get to head back up to Prescott to get later this week!

He gave me a card with a photo of the sewing machine in it and when I opened it, I cried. Do you ever just feel like you’re embarking on something new and you don’t know what it is or why or even where you’re going, but you just know it’s going to be great?

That’s what this sewing machine means to me.

I could write an entire book about how amazing, supportive, encouraging, and wonderful my hubby is. If you know him at all, you know that I am not exaggerating or stretching the truth on that one. He’s the best. Even in our hardest times, he is the best and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for him. I could go ON AND ON.

Today was an awesome day. I wish I could write more because I definitely have more to say but my eyeballs are closing.



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